Aquatics Center - El Segundo

The First & Only Man to Swim Across the Atlantic Ocean

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"As a child, the community pool in my neighborhood was critical to both my personal and swimming development. Donating to projects like the El Segundo Aquatics Center makes a difference in the lives of swimmers in ways you could never imagine."

- Ben Lecomte

Lakers Youth Foundation

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"The Los Angeles Lakers are proud and excited to support the El Segundo Aquatics Center. We love being a part of the El Segundo Community and believe in the many opportunities the new Aquatics Center will bring to our city as well as to the youth in neighboring areas. This will also be an opportunity for people to get active and live healthier lifestyles."

- Kiesha Nix

Private Sponsor

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"Why donate to the new Aquatics Center? As most of you may know, El Segundo has a very rich aquatics history going back many decades. Our family has had the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of the many who forged that great tradition, and now as our children have grown, they are having the opportunity to impart that tradition on an even newer generation. We donated to the new aquatics center in the hope that these traditions will continue well into the future, hopefully blessing the lives of our grandchildren, who are now entering El Segundo Schools. The new aquatics center will become a center of gravity for aquatics in the South Bay and will create a new excitement around a sport that can be enjoyed throughout life."

- Barbara and Michael Briney